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Level of Interest function
Counter activity
Dispatcher's rescue
Everywhere display
Less is Moore



A list of my publications is available here. My recent projects at Yahoo! include Zonetag, TagMaps and Zurfer.

The following is a list of my past projects:

  • Kimura:Office of the future
    Augmenting an office environment to allow a user to manage various tasks and context more efficiently

  • Level of Interest function A technique of using bookmarks from attendees to create an accurate indicator of user interest level during an event. Patent pending

  • TaskMINDER
    Adaptive personalized task manager that uses user context to reorder a to do list

  • BuzzTrans
    Building and evaluating a translating Instant Messenger client

  • Collaborative note taker
    Designed and prototyped a collaborative note taking tool that aims to reduce the individual effort required to take notes in a group situation. The system takes advantage of the number of not takers in a group and allows them to share each other notes thereby reducing the redundancy.
    Project Report (200 KB PDF)

  • Counter activity
    Using RFID to track the activity occuring on a kitchen counter

  • Dispatcher's rescue
    A map-based, voice input, direct manipulation, scheduling interface for Georgia Tech Parking & Transportation services

  • Everywhere Display
    Steerable projected interactive “touch screen” style interface

  • Less is Moore
    Analysis and redesign of a small neighbourhood paint store

  • Mobile computing portal
    Designed a mobile computing portal for Satyam Infoway Limited (www.sifycorp.com) to provide various interactive services to cellular phone subscribers via the Short Messaging Service (SMS).

  • RFID Technology forecast
    A forecast of the impact of RFID technology on industry. Includes a review of RFID technology and its applications as well as current and future business and technology trends. Class project for Managing Resources of the Technological Firm (MGT 6772)
    Final Report (700 KB PDF)
    Final Presentation (750 KB PPT)